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       Why  choose  us



       Verification Type: Supplier Assessment Onsite Check



      Number of employees:

      101 - 200 People




      Professional R & D team , quality service(ISO9001&SGS certify), quality products(CE certificate), a young sales team over 30 person  





      Enterprise core competence




      R&D Capacity




      Trade Capacity 


      Number of R&D Staff: 5 - 10 Peoole

          Certificates: 8    

      Export Experience: 7 years Trade Staff: 11-20 People


      OEM Capability


      Quality Control

          Production Capacity

       OEM Service: Yes

      OEM Experience: 5 years


      QC Staff: 5-10 People


      Production Lines: 7

      Output Value: US$5 Million - US$10